Ochre is a handcrafted aged grape spirit.  A spirit that is double distilled in an Alembic still on the Mornington Peninsula from Chardonnay grapes

The Distillers

Bass & Flinders Distillery was founded in 2009 by Wayne Klintworth and Bob Laing. During that year they investigated the Mornington Peninsula and discovered many wineries but no distilleries. They saw this as an opportunity and created an artisanal distillery for the production of quality grape spirits.

Their discovery inspired them to set about creating a unique artisanal distillery, set apart from any other on the Mornington Peninsula for it's production of quality grape spirits. 

In order to achieve their goals Wayne and Bob enlisted the assistance of an internationally recognised master distiller to mentor them in the art of distillation. They have also forged contacts with artisanal distilleries in France. These people all have one thing in common and that is their passion and understanding that to produce a spirit of outstanding quality there must be a respect for the intimate relationships between, grape production, wine making, distillation and the ageing processes. Wayne and Bob share this passion and seek to produce an Australian aged spirit that is distinctive and comparable with the best of the French products. 

The Distillery

Symbolising the desire to explore uncharted territory, two famous Australian explorers, George Bass and Matthew Flinders serve as the inspiration behind Bass & Flinders distillery.

An artisanal distillery, Bass & Flinders produce grape spirit using a traditional Alembic Pot Still to create a range of world‐class distillations.

The distillery is unique in that it produces its own grape spirit used to produce a range of international award winning gins, Australia’s first grape based vodka and of course, the traditional aged spirit, Ochre. As well as being well known for it's ever popular gin masterclass.

Visit our newly refurbished distillery and take advantage of this beautiful Victorian region and the fine local products the distillery has to offer.